Saturday, July 26, 2008

PERU, 2007 Staying in an Art Gallery in Barranco

We had heard that Barranco was the artists district of Lima, and I had located a B & B right in the center of it. This was to be our place of a few days of rest before heading back to the U.S. Little did we know what awaited us!

All was hidden behind these gates. The old, restored house had been Victor Delphin's gallery, open to the public. Though some rooms had been converted into simple but beautiful guest rooms, the house remained a only open to guests.

We had several glorious days of feasting our eyes on these and more of Delphin's well as sometimes,

Delfin's studio high above the ocean. One level higher is the swimming pool, and one more higher were the gardens and gallery in which we were occupied one of the 5 guest rooms.

A special treat was having a tour of Victor Delphin's studio, and meeting the artist. I had to laugh at myself, though! I...usually rather an attack of "awe" and shyness.

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