Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tanzania, March 2011

Elephants have impressive ears! They also have an impressive social structure. There is always at least one "look-out", the matriarch and the next oldest. The young are kept in between the large ones and watched closely.

My favorite animals were the zebras, I think. Elegant, peaceful, this close-up...funny. They fascinated me, as the striping is different on each and every one! And, they were plentiful! Alone or, usually, in small or large groups...frequently with other animals. They rest their heads on each other and I saw several clusters of 4, each resting its head on the other's rear in a big group hug! The two you see in the distance were by a lake of pink flamingos at the Ngogora Crater.

I try to travel without expectations, but don't have enough control over my mind to keep it from not conjuring up anything at all. I imagined Tanzania to be mostly barren, dusty... but even the vast expanses of the Serengeti had ever changing vegetation and kept my interest. I found it magical. All of it!
And animals in their natural habitat, unafraid.....all beautiful and absolutely perfect. Warthogs, hyenas cleaning up a kill, ostriches kick-boxing.....all beautiful. I was filled with a sense of wonder and awe as well as deep yearning for safety and freedom for ALL creatures of the world.

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