Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Day 9, Cusco

We were the first ones in the door at 8:30 when the doors do Koricancha were opened. If it had not been for Cucho telling us that we HAD to go here, we may have missed it! Soft classical music was playing. For a glorious half hour we had the place entirely to ourselves! The energy which is at Machu Picchu, and in Cusco is especially strong here.

There were signs stating that photos were not allowed. I immediately squeezed off a few, first doing so surreptitiously, and then in view of the guards. This upset Doreen, I think, and I understood my daughter a bit better. I do not behave "appropriately". I realized that the fear might be that we would be asked to leave. I solved that by separating, so that Doreen would not need to suffer if I were asked to leave. :-) I don't follow arbitrary rules that I don't understand and which don't serve me. I don't understand why others do.....especially, without thinking.

Later, it turned out that all the tourists were taking photos!

I loved these creatures Doreen discovered in the circulating exhibit gallery upstairs. I'm sure that this one will some day be reborn as a doll....or, maybe I will combine them all.

Silver and Peruvian turquoise. From my favorite store inCusco, Maqui Arte. I purchased this bracelet in the last hour I was in Cusco, perhaps, forever. We cannot know these things.....and I was not going to leave it there forever!

We made it back to our hotel for check-out and pick-up to the airport in plenty of time. Our tour guide, was once again wearing a heavy scent, and dressed like Barbie. I wanted to take a photo, but was too tired to crawl out of the car.

We arrived in dirty, gritty Juliaca a couple of hours later, and were driven to Puno and our hotel.
At 12,000 ft. , it was definitely colder here.....and, also much, much grimier. People looked very different....The Aymara have flatter features from the Chechua. The Aymara are visibly also much less Westernized, and much poorer. Although not at all unfriendly, they are more reserved.....their faces more serious.

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