Sunday, June 8, 2008


I have debated whether to explain my references to the difficulties I had on this trip. Dwelling on any negatives isn't a good thing.....but, honesty IS. Hoping that my account may help someone else, here it is.

Though I am old enough to have middle-aged children, I continue to be in denial about my real age. When I look in the mirror, I see an attractive woman who is in great shape. (Darn those lying mirrors!)

On that last hike, when we climbed from a starting point of 12,000 feet to 13,000.....I came face to face with seeing the end in this physical body......and, let me tell you....denial feels a whole lot better! But, denial can kill you. My traveling companion asked if I wasn't proud of myself for having "done it" and my response was an easy "no". Unless you have a death wish, pushing yourself to the brink is nothing to be proud of. No, we must take good care of our bodies and our minds and not abuse them in any way. To push ourselves ever further is pure ego. And, my guess is that denial belongs to ego, as well.

My lab work was back when I returned to Austin, and I finally had a medical explanation for how I had been feeling. The diagnosis: complete adrenal exhaustion and intolerance to glutens. If I needed a reason for my difficulties traveling, I had it.

I share this for one reason. Always take how you are feeling seriously.

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brett said...

I am going to Lima Peru this January.