Monday, June 2, 2008

Day 13, Puno and Home, Sweet Home

These are random photos which include some of my favorites. Peru is a photographer's dream!

It was finally our last day, and we walked into town for last minute shopping.....for things we had not been able to decide on previously.....and also for lunch. Our pick-up was not until later in the afternoon. We were happy to see Silvia with a driver! Our flight from Juliaca to Lima took an hour and a half....and then we had to negotiate the large airport with our now much heavier luggage. We had a long time to wait until the Continental counters even opened and we could finally get rid of it. It was shortly thereafter that I lost Doreen whose flight to the States was 45 minutes earlier than mine....but,
we still had hours more to pass. Remembering spending the night in the Lima airport last year, I was grateful to know my flight was expected to be on time!

The flight home from Lima was blessedly uneventful. No one wanted to sit by the door where the seats would not recline, so I had all 3 seats to myself. I slept most of the way!

My cats greeted me at the door and then went back to bed. All was well!
For me the magic lies in Cusco and Machu well as the Sacred Valley. There, I could stay forever, I think.


JoTee said...

I luv all the photo's of Peru, but I especially love the photo of the Welcome Home from the kids! True cat style :-)

Mai-Liis said...

Seeing the boys so relaxed told me that the lady I had staying with them had been good to she gets to come and babysit again in the future. That made me happy! When I crawled into bed, they all attached themselves to me...and purred a lot.:-)

brett said...

Nice shots, I am looking forward to doing some photography there in also.